“Grafema” is a system of calligraphic typefaces which started off as handwritten works using a flat brush and Indian ink on paper. The main distinctive features in the two main cuts are the differing angles of the instrument and the natural texture formed by the brush strokes. Grafema is intended as a display family, although it can surely be used for lengthier texts, too.

Grafema 35 has a more classical angle of writing – 35°, which makes the vertical stems of the letters broader since they utilize most of the instrument’s width. This cut is balanced throughout and suitable for large bodies of text.

Grafema 85 stands out with its more decorative appearance and is more appropriate for usage in headlines, posters and all projects created with a personal touch. The angle of writing shifts the stress immensely and therefore reforms the overall proportions of the letter. This style is more condensed than the other and is easily distinguishable with its thin vertical stems and accentuated heavy serifs.


Both main weights of the Grafema family are distributed for free as demo versions for use by students and designers as well as everyone who has an interest in calligraphy and typography. The fonts contain a basic set of uppercase and lowercase letters solely in Cyrillic and more precisely the Bulgarian local forms. You will also find standart lining figures and basic punctuation in the fonts’ palettes.

The Grafema project is part of the official programme of Plovdiv European capital of culture 2019.

In the full version of the fonts we are developing basic and extended Latin with diacritics, extended Cyrillic, ligatures and a full set of punctuation marks and symbols. Stay tuned!


Demo versions